Sunday, November 27, 2016

Pleasures of reading ... post no. 27

Pleasures of reading are unlimited: -
It takes you to strange lands and familiar emotions
Strange emotions and familiar lands.
It gives you an opportunity to be inside the minds of someone else
To experience their life story and its ups and downs.
It sometimes engrosses you so much that you may also go through catharsis
along with the characters who braces the realities of life.
It also gifts you some favorite imaginary people in your life whom you never forget
Like scarlet’o’ hara and Rhet Butler in Gone with the winds, Harry Potter in the Harry Potter series,
swami in Malgudi days and all those women, strong and resilient in Chitra Divakaruni’s novels….
Or the twists and turns of Jodi picoult novels or the strong story line and facts and fantasies  like in Da Vinci Code, even the touching and heart wrenching story of the little boy in the ‘Kite runner’ which  etches his life and times in our minds forever………..


  1. //trange lands and familiar emotions
    Strange emotions and familiar lands//
    Rings a bell and so well said