Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The finishing Line....post no. 30

It feels so good to see the finishing line at last. 

This Blog Marathon has been exhilarating, there were days when nothing came to the mind, I stared at the blank screen, but eventually the muse came around and the page was filled, oh yes sometimes only half filled, sometimes quarter and sometimes it did over flow. 

Thank you Swarm for pushing all of us into this…it was worth it.  

The feeling of achievement is great and this time there were so many of us encouraging each other, sometimes giving that much needed nudge and push to each other, I loved the team spirit and hand holding I got from so many of you this time. Thank you Deeps and Vincy  and lan too for dropping by.

I got new blogger friends this time around like Scorpria, Shilpa garg, Anu…. Thank you so much for dropping by and giving your comments..and the pleasure is all mine on meeting you and getting to know you during this  blogathon.  

Looking forward to another Marathon soon !! ;)


  1. Just lost my comment on this one to a shaky internet connection.

    But i am going to write that again...

    A big congrats to you Rekha for finishing the blogathon successfully. If there was something called a commentathon, I completed that today. This month has been a bit busy and could find time only today. So glad i was able to complete it atleast on the last day.

    Kept kicking myself for not coming here everyday to cheer you...

    and the next time I am going to join you too....

    1. Big hugs to you for that Vincy.. thank you sooo much for this...

  2. Congratulations, Rekha! It was a pleasure meeting you through this blogathon...and by the way, am still waiting for that aviyal post you promised! Let's keep in touch..

    1. same here Anu...

      ha ha Surely next marathon will start with the Avial post.. that is a promise :)

  3. Wow Rekha! You are ready for another marathon already? Awesome. :)

  4. Awwwwww - thanks!
    I'm glad to have met you! Keep writing and I hope we continue the bond!