Sunday, November 6, 2016

The mushkil in 'ADHM' post no. 5

To be honest, I had great expectations from you must be living under a rock or you are someone who care nothing for the latest Bollywood flix if you do not know what is ADHM.
Well.well..even I am not a movie buff but certain movies really hold my attention and 'Ae Dil Hai Mushkil' was one of them..and some of my friends also had the same feeling...
So the girl gang decided to go for it..the movie became all the more special as it was going to be watched with school friends!
Soon we settled down eagerly to watch a most awaited movie, of course this time it felt different from many Karan Johar movie but yet we really could not fathom what was it that he was so desperately trying to say..hmpf...
Well..the movie had an overdose of discotheques..loud dancing and some  emotional scenes with actually no real reason to it...
The only best part was the sizzling chemistry between Aish and Ranbir's character, it had some substance, some plausible explanations why she was the way she was..
Rest..well it had good-looking people, great locales, good music,but story?? After interval, every 10 minute I would feel that the movie is over, but no it was not...again it dragged on..I really feel bad how a very healthy woman is suddenly made to be shown as terminally ill and the side effects are shown but with really no seriousness to the condition itself..yes I agree that every one has their opinion on such topics.
For me ADHM started off nicely, then just fell flat, it got entangled in its own story. Somewhere..I think Karan Johar has a real, gripping story inside him on relationships but some how every time something just gets lost mid way...I remember I had the same feeling when I watched 'kabhi alvida Na kehna',it started off so strongly and then just fizzled out because there was actually no logical reasons to certain things the characters did.
Here also certain scenes and situations where not carrying effect because of the same reason as above me ADHM is just a barely one time watch..this is a movie which could have turned out great if only the director had a greater grip on his story and story telling!!!
At the same time I must say that even the worst movies can turn out to be great fun when you watch it with your go for it...have fun.


  1. I heard of ADHM too and havent found time for the movie yet. planning to watch it with my girl friends. Lets hope it would be soon. heard almost similar reviews from everyone who saw it.

    1. yes most of the people have the same opinion..