Sunday, November 20, 2016

tucked below a stone.... post no. 20

 Image result for little yellow flower under a stone
 picture courtesy: internet

 I saw that little yellow flower,

under the imposing fly over.

tucked below a dirty pavement stone,

it's brightness and beauty shone

adorned by a bunch of dusty green leaves..

it seemingly was peeping at the beams

of sunlight falling directly on its tiny petals,

as if to tell it too keep up the pedals..

amidst a stone and a dirty sidewalk, a lesson so profound,

this little flower bloomed and taught the strength of silent sound.....


  1. lovely poem. how do you dish out poems with such ease?

    1. thanks a lot Vincy, I am glad you liked it...

  2. i too am fascinated by those delicate splashes of beauty found in the most unexpected of places. well written ss.